Gorgeous!™ iPhone Cases are now available!

Gorgeous!™ iPhone Cases are now available!
Gorgeous!™ phone cases are finally available to the public! We're launching with cases for all iPhone models, and are starting off with four beta categories: Elements, Fancy, Flags and Two ToneWith Flag cases, you'll now be able to take your country with you wherever you go! The Flag cases are a great way to stand out during events like the World Cup, Independence Day, international fashion shows, and so on. The Two Tone and Fancy case lines will be available in a plethora of color combinations, with Fancy cases being a bit more high end with more elaborate designs. Element cases will allow you to pick the element that matches your personality (fire, water). Gorgeous!™ phone cases are a perfect compliment for your choice of makeup and clothing! You no longer have to be stuck with one phone case for your ever changing wardrobe: now you can take those sexy selfies and be confident that your phone case will always compliment your look!  
One frequently asked question/concern is how much protection Gorgeous!™ phone cases offer, as the common misconception is that size correlates with strength and durability. Gorgeous!™ cases have flexible, rigid thermoplastic polyurethane sides and a solid, durable polycarbonate back. If you don't know anything about engineering plastics, polycarbonate polymers are used in a variety of materials and are particularly useful when impact resistance is a product requirement. Polycarbonate plastics are used in a wide range of mainstream products, including bullet proof glass, automotive parts, and building materials. I encourage you to watch the below YouTube video of these awesome engineers from Tubeway UK demonstrating the strength of Polycarbonate plastic (you can skip to 3:39 for the Polycarbonate hammer test):
The sheet you see those gentlemen hitting and trying to break with the hammers is what the backs of all Gorgeous!™ phone cases are made of!
Gorgeous!™ phone cases are also made from Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU), that not only enhance the protection, but protect against lint, scratches and abrasions. Check out the below video of one of our Gorgeous!™ cases being put through a scratch test:
Please follow the Gorgeous! utility test playlist on YouTube for more testing videos! We highly recommend pairing your Gorgeous! case with a durable screen protector for maximum protection!
With that being said, Gorgeous!™ phone cases are not "all-in-one" cases. They are not designed to hold your credit cards, and they do not come with front screens. They are fashion accessories first and foremost, that offer good protection at affordable prices, meant to give you the option of always having the right case for whatever outfit and makeup you have on! You can finally look good, without having to carry a bulky phone case around! 
I sincerely pray that you enjoy our work and can support our efforts by ordering your own Gorgeous!™ case. New product videos will be going up every week, so please follow/subscribe to Gorgeous!™ cases on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube
Thanks so much for your support. Enjoy!

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