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Hi, I'm Ben Hinson, creator and owner of the Eteka Store. Eteka was my late fathers name (R.I.P), and I named this store after him to honor his memory. Eteka is also the title of a book series I created in my other life as an author, so if you're into action, adventure, gritty thrillers and history I definitely recommend you check out my writing! 

I built this online store from scratch, and its been a labor of love that I want to share with you. I love to design and create products, and here at the Eteka Store you'll find my Gorgeous!™ Phone Case line, Eteka Phone Cases and I am the Boss mugs. I personally conceptualized and designed each product you'll find on this platform, with the exception of my Eteka cases, which was a collaborative effort between myself and my buddy Deryl Braun. Check out the below video of Deryl and myself giving some brief insights into our collaborative design process with the Eteka project: 

Please have some fun checking out our work, and all the promotional content (product videos, etc) that have been prepared for you. And be sure to follow the Eteka Store on social media via the channels below to keep up with new releases:

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I am so honored and grateful that you stopped by, and value your support. When you receive your phone case or Boss mug, kindly share some lovely pics! I have nothing but love for you and wish you nothing but the very best! Again, thank-you so much for supporting my efforts. Cheers!

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